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The guest house "SvetMayaka" invites you to comfortable bathing complexes where you will have a rest from daily vanity, you will relax after heavy day of work and revitalize the organism.  Taking a real Russian steam bath, you will be able to swim for a while in the cool pool and to take pleasure with fragrant tea in a restroom.  Additional service - soaring by the professional bathhouse attendant - “parilshchik” - delivers you true pleasure and will bring benefit to your health!  Bathing complexes can also be rented for carrying out various festive actions, and in the morning for all guests of our hotel access to bathing complexes is free.
The guest house “SvetMayaka” has two bathing complexes, separate of a set of services, but in every there is a traditional Russian steam room in which it is possible to take a steam bath with a birch or oak broom.

Traditional Russian bath on firewood

The rural wood bath won the popularity still since ancient times. This national property of the Russian people. Today it is optional to go to the Russian remote place - the bathing “Svet Mayaka” complexes suggest you to have a rest in the atmosphere of the Russian traditions and to take a steam bath in the real baths on firewood.
Pay attention to the furnace in a steam room - it is put from unique ancient bricks of the 19th eyelid and creates soft comfortable climate. “The Russian bath in a white” is arranged so that the air in it is pure and fresh because all products of burning are taken away through a flue out of limits of rooms - here waits for you a hot steam room where it is possible to take a steam bath thoroughly brooms or to resort to services of a professional bathhouse attendant - “parilshchik”.

Bathing services - soaring by a broom

One of the most popular services of the bathing “SvetMayaka” complex is a service of the professional bathhouse attendant. Soaring by an oak or birch broom increases greatly the health result of bathing procedures!

Roman-Turkish steam room

In the Roman-Turkish steam room it is very damp but no so hot - the maximum temperature reaches only 45 - 48 degrees and is transferred with pleasure. Unlike saunas where heat is concentrated above and knocks on the head, in the Roman steam rooms it is easily breathed. Soft steam well warms up a body, without burning skin and, causing plentiful sweating, settles down. Such steam room will surely be to the taste of “Turkish hammam” to fans.

Infrared sauna

Optimum comfortable temperature of an infrared sauna will quite suit also the person with the weak heart, not transferring a heat. Infrared waves deeply get into all fabrics, muscles, joints, bones and bodies, thereby accelerating a blood-groove. As result - the accelerated metabolic exchange increasing immunity, food and blood supply of muscles, and also acceleration of transportation of oxygen to all fabrics.


- The general pool on 2 bathing complexes
- The size of the pool is 2*2*5 m
- The pool is open all the year round
- Recreation area (wooden table and benches)

Circular shower

The mechanism of a circular shower is simple: in special boxing which is equipped with tubes for water supply in vertical or horizontal situation from all directions boxing, the person is affected by a large number of thin streams of the water directed on a body under an elevated pressure and making hydromassage impact on skin and a body of the person.

Alekseev’s shower for health and figure preservation

Alekseev’s shower — it not a usual watering can, and the unique device which uses energy of water pressure almost for 100% and disperses water streams to the speed of 30 meters per second! It allows to increase doubly massage impact on a body of the person.
At your service also “oblivochnaya kadka” with refreshing cool water.

Recreation area

After good bathing procedure usually there is "voracious appetite", and won't prevent your health to finish bathing ritual by a lunch or a dinner, fragrant hot tea with herbs and the wiped berries — it needless to say. Besides a lunch zone, in a drawing room you are waited also by billiards, and also a small restroom.


  • Rent cost - from 700 rubles for an hour
  • The set of personal accessories enters the cost of rent (slippers, the hat, one sheet)
  • The cost of rent includes tea drinking (samovar / thermosweat, tea with natural additives)
  • Brooms, towels, dressing gowns - are provided at additional expense
  • Discounts at rent of two bathing complexes at the same time

Lease term:

  • The complex is given round the clock, the minimum time of rent - 2 hours
  • The advanced order – a minimum in 2 hours
  • For guests of our hotel access to bathing complexes in the morning - it is free!

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