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ул. Коммуны, д.19 корп.2

+7 (812) 249-92-92
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On the first floor of the guest housethere is very cozy cafe "Light of the Beacon" where you are waited by tasty dishes and the pleasant atmosphere! The cafe is opened from early morning to 11 o'clock in the evening - at your service the traditional European menu which includes a continental breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. In cafe there is a TV and the audio system.

The cafe allows to take place comfortably to 10-15 visitors behind 3 separate little tables which can also be shifted. As the banquet room of cafe usually isn't used, but according to the preliminary arrangement in it it is possible to organize food for small group.


Our cooks cook very well and beautifully serve the prepared dishes. You can watch photos of various dishes in an album on our site. Also we suggest to study the menu of the Light of the Beacon cafe.


The breakfast is served in cafe from 9.00 till 11.00, and for those who is waited by busy business or excursion day, we can organize early nakryty a breakfast from 7.00 till 9.00. The continental breakfast (yogurt, curd cake cottage cheese, sandwiches, porridge or fried eggs, tea or coffee), as a rule, enters accommodation cost. Also guests can diversify the breakfast, having chosen in addition dishes on pages of our menu.

Business lunches

Monday through Friday usually from 12.00 till 16.00 both for guests, and for ordinary visitors of cafe business lunches move. The business lunch, as a rule, consists of four dishes (salad, soup, a hot second dish and drink). Also there is a possibility of delivery of dishes and drinks directly in numbers or in bathing complexes (at additional expense) till 23.00.

Food for groups

Food of the big organized groups happens in a banquet room or a conference room of the guest house "Light of the Beacon". The separate menu of complex dinners and dinners and possibility of the organization of two and three meals a day in time convenient for group is provided to tourist groups. At holding of conferences and seminars for participants of actions coffee breaks or the buffet receptions at which menu you also can look on our site are usually covered.

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